Selena Gomez is attacked by a fan with a phone on her back, Selena reacts harshly

The incident took place during a public appearance, where Selena was surrounded by fans and paparazzi. Amidst the chaos, a fan lunged forward and struck her on the back with a phone. The reason behind the attack remains unclear, but the suddenness of the act caught everyone, including Selena, by surprise.

Selena, known for her generally calm and composed demeanor, reacted harshly to the attack. Witnesses reported that she immediately turned around, visibly angered by the assault. “What do you think you’re doing?” she reportedly shouted at the attacker, who was quickly apprehended by security personnel. Her reaction, though uncharacteristically harsh, was seen by many as a justified response to the unprovoked attack.

#### Aftermath

Following the incident, Selena was escorted to safety by her security team. The fan was detained and handed over to the authorities for questioning. It remains to be seen whether any charges will be filed.

#### Public and Fan Reactions

The incident quickly spread on social media, with fans expressing their outrage and concern for Selena. Many praised her for standing up for herself in such a frightening situation. “Selena did the right thing. No one should have to put up with that,” one fan tweeted. Another added, “It’s scary to think that someone would do that to her. She handled it like a queen.”

#### Security Concerns

This attack has raised questions about the security measures in place for celebrities at public events. “Celebrities are often at risk in these situations,” a security expert commented. “It’s crucial to have stringent security protocols to prevent such incidents.”

#### Moving Forward

Selena has not yet made a public statement about the incident, but those close to her say she is shaken but determined to not let it affect her engagements. “She’s understandably upset, but she’s a strong person,” a close friend noted. “She won’t let this stop her from doing what she loves.”

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