The 16 Best Movies in the Jennifer Lopez Cinematic Universe

Jennifer Lopez is known as a multi-hyphenate for a reason. In addition to being a world-class performer, a beauty mogul, and fashion icon, Jenny from the Block is also a bonafide movie star. A quick journey through the J.Lo cinematic universe will immediately reveal the power of her onscreen presence, whether she’s starring as the leading lady in a generation-defining romcom or battling AI-powered machines in Netflix’s coolest new sci-fi flick.

Monster-in-Law (2005)

The only thing that could make a J.Lo rom-com even more iconic is casting Jane Fonda to share the screen with her. Fonda plays Viola, a talk show host who projects her career anxiety against her son’s fiancĂ©, Charlie (Lopez). Besides being an overbearing mother, she is also a relentless opponent, absolutely determined to end their relationship. Shenanigans ensue.

The Back-Up Plan (2010)

Lopez’s comedic timing is on full display in this 2010 rom-com, in which she plays Zoe, a woman who decides to give up on dating and become a single mother through artificial insemination. The process works and she gets pregnant—but, she also ends up finding the man of her dreams.

Enough (2002)

Based off of Anna Quindlen’s 1998 novel Black and Blue, Enough is an intense thriller that follows Lopez’s character, Slim, as she attempts to escape an abusive marriage and start a new life with her young daughter. As her husband chases her up and down the West Coast and the police fail to offer her a means of safety, Slim takes matters into her own hands by training in Krav Maga.

Gigli (2003)

Gigli may have bombed at box offices during the time of its theatrical release, but the rom-com will forever be famous for bringing together one of Hollywood’s biggest power couples to date: Bennifer. Lopez met her future husband Ben Affleck on the Gigli set, sparking a decades-long love story that eventually led to their 2022 nuptials. The movie itself is worth watching for pop culture aficionados; it stars Affleck as a Los Angeles mobster named Larry, who struggles with taking orders from Lopez’s character, a hired criminal called Ricki.

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