Jennifer Lopez takes another step to show that her split from Ben Affleck is real

Jennifer Lopez added fuel to the rumors that her marriage to Ben Affleck is all but over thanks to a recent video in which she promotes her JLo Beauty line.

The 54-year-old shared the post on her Instagram page, speaking to the camera while telling her fans to “show off more of that skin” while sitting on a sun lounger.

Lopez appeared in the video with a pair of shorts and a pink halter top, and rounded out her look with gold wedge heels and Gucci sunglasses.

However, attentive eyes noted that she wasn’t wearing her wedding ring, adding to the rumors that her marriage to Affleck is as good as done. This, despite Lopez having worn it during a promotional campaign for Coach over the weekend.

Lopez and Affleck set for divorce?
The video comes after Page Six reported that J.Lo and Affleck’s marriage has been over for months.

The source noted that the couple have been separated since March, but that Affleck remains protective of his wife nonetheless.

Their recent appearances, or lack thereof, suggest things are over, as Lopez attended the Met Gala by herself, while Affleck wasn’t by her side while she promoted her Netflix film ‘Atlas’.

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