Jennifer Lopez Flies Commercial to Paris, Becoming Relatable Amid Marital Woes

Jennifer Lopez is becoming super relatable amid her marital woes with Ben Affleck … getting back to her Jenny From The Block roots with some commercial air travel.

Check out these photos/video, obtained by TMZ, showing J Lo’s mode of transportation over in Europe … and no, this ain’t a private jet — it’s a regular old airplane full of a bunch of normies, on which she flew Saturday going from Naples to Paris.

The singer/actress was in the cabin with everyone else, and had a bodyguard sitting next to her … taking up aisle duty while she occupied the window seat, minding her business.

As you can see … she didn’t seem to be getting bothered much — still … she was kinda packed in like a sardine … and even before the flight, she was spotted in the terminal along with everyone else, going through the motions of customs, etc. Like we said, relatable.

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