Ben Affleck and his downward spiral after breakup with JLo: He’s on the verge of collapse

Ben Affleck isn’t going through the best of times at the moment. While rumors over the end of his marriage to Jennifer Lopez seem to be confirmed, the media spotlight that both the actor and his wife are enduring in recent months seems to be taking its toll.

He already proved it a few days ago, after losing control and facing the paparazzi waiting for him at the exit of the mansion he shares with JLo in Beverly Hills. The actor apparently went to pick up his personal belongings, taking advantage of the fact that his wife was on vacation in Italy.

Affleck takes aim at waiting paparazzi
“It’s no wonder he snapped,” claims an InTouch source close to Affleck. “He’s on the verge of a breakdown. People close to Ben have been worried about him for a while because of what he’s been going through in the last few months.

“He’s in a very dark moment and when he gets like this his loved ones can’t help but fear the worst.”

Family has always been a fundamental pillar for Ben, who in recent times “has been very focused on his children”. The actor has also found support in the figure of his ex-wife, Jennifer Garner, who has not hesitated to offer her help to both Affleck and JLo herself.

“Jen always steps in when he gets like this,” a source said about the actress, who already had to take Ben to rehab when he hit rock bottom in 2018. “She’s been visiting him at home a lot to make sure he’s doing well and that probably hasn’t sat well with Jennifer Lopez, even if they were living in separate wings.”

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