Have JLo and Ben Affleck proved that being madly in love isn’t always the best thing?

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck got back together in April 2021. By July of that year, they had gone Instagram official and in September they were looking seriously loved up, smooching publicly on the red carpet.

A year later they were engaged, and JLo was sporting a ginormous rock on her ring finger. By the next summer, they were married.

My boyfriend and I met in April 2021 too. By July we had been on maybe four dates. We weren’t boyfriend and girlfriend for months after that. We cautiously introduced each other to our friends. We didn’t meet each other’s kids for well over a year. Or feature on each other’s social media.

Three years on, his face still hasn’t appeared on my Instagram (his chest has, but that’s another story) and I’m non-existent on his. Our families are not blended. We live separately. In Hollywood terms our progress is glacial.

This speed was and is right for both us and our kids. Divorce is bruising on everyone involved and we wanted to protect ourselves and our children from any more instability and angst.

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