Discover the secret you didn’t know before about Zendaya and Jennette McCurdy’s friendship

Zendaya and Jennette’s friendship began in a rather unexpected way. The two first met at a Nickelodeon and Disney crossover event in the early 2010s. At the time, Zendaya was starring in Disney Channel’s “Shake It Up,” while Jennette was making waves on Nickelodeon’s “iCarly.” Despite working for rival networks, the two instantly clicked, bonding over their shared experiences as young actresses in Hollywood.

One of the most compelling secrets about their friendship is how they have been each other’s support system through some of their most challenging times. Both Zendaya and Jennette have spoken openly about the pressures and struggles of growing up in the spotlight. Jennette has been vocal about her battles with eating disorders and her complicated relationship with fame, while Zendaya has faced her own set of challenges, including navigating her identity and public image.

Throughout these times, Jennette has been a quiet pillar of strength for Zendaya, providing a listening ear and heartfelt advice. Likewise, Zendaya has offered Jennette unwavering support, particularly during Jennette’s decision to step away from acting and focus on other creative pursuits, including her critically acclaimed memoir, “I’m Glad My Mom Died.”
Their friendship isn’t just about emotional support; it also includes a shared passion for creative expression. Both actresses have ventured into new territories beyond acting. Jennette has pursued writing and directing, while Zendaya has expanded her talents into music, producing, and high-fashion.
In fact, one of their lesser-known collaborations is a short film they co-wrote and produced in 2018. This project, which remains unreleased to the public, was a deeply personal endeavor for both, blending their unique perspectives and storytelling abilities. The process of creating this film further solidified their bond and respect for each other’s talents.

### Keeping It Low-Key

Despite their close bond, Zendaya and Jennette have kept their friendship relatively low-key. They prefer intimate gatherings and private moments over public displays, which has allowed their friendship to grow out of the intense scrutiny of the public eye. This choice has given them the space to be themselves without the pressures of constant media attention.
Both Zendaya and Jennette have always celebrated each other’s successes. When Zendaya won her Emmy for “Euphoria,” Jennette was one of the first to congratulate her, expressing her pride and admiration. Similarly, Zendaya has championed Jennette’s work, especially her memoir, praising her bravery and honesty.

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