Jennifer Lopez talks about who’s more jealous Ben Affleck or her Ex

“Jealousy is a natural emotion,” Lopez began, “and it manifests differently in everyone. Ben and I have a strong foundation of trust and communication, which helps us manage any feelings of jealousy. It’s not about who’s more jealous; it’s about how we handle it.”

Lopez emphasized that Affleck, whom she married in 2022, brings a sense of security and trust to their relationship. “Ben is incredibly supportive and understands the demands of our careers,” she shared. “We’ve both been in the spotlight for a long time, so we know how to navigate the pressures that come with it.”
She continued, “Ben’s approach to jealousy is mature. He’s confident in our relationship and knows that open communication is key. If either of us feels uneasy, we talk about it. That transparency has been crucial for us.”
While Lopez didn’t name any specific ex-partners, she did reflect on her past relationships and the lessons they taught her. “I’ve had relationships where jealousy was more prominent,” she admitted. “In some cases, it stemmed from insecurity or a lack of trust. Those experiences were challenging, but they also helped me grow and understand what I need in a partnership.”
Lopez noted that these past experiences have shaped her current approach to love and relationships. “Every relationship teaches you something. I’ve learned that for a relationship to thrive, both partners need to feel secure and valued. Jealousy can be a sign of deeper issues, and it’s important to address those rather than let them fester.”

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