Kathy Griffin’s comedy tour cancelled three dates in due to terribly low ticket sales. “Just no one wants to go and see her anymore.”

Ludovica’s mother was with her and said: ‘Initially I thought we had been caught up in a shoot-out.
There was a huge bang and then out of the corner of my eye I saw something hit the pavementAfter a second or so I realised it was a dog and it had hit my daughter,

the dog just missed me because I was a few paces ahead. I then heard people screaming and I looked at my daughter and she was covered in blood.’

Griffin has assured fans that the turmoil in her personal life should make her a “riot” when she takes the stage. Griffin filed for divorce from her husband, Randy Bick, in late December, days before their fourth wedding anniversary.

More than two years earlier, the My Life on the D-List star announced in August 2021 that she had been diagnosed with lung cancer, before going on to reveal in November of that year that she was cancer-free.

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