Roseanne Barr: “They hate me because I have talent, because I have an opinion.”

Despite five years passing since her controversial tweet led to the cancellation of the “Roseanne” reboot, comedian Roseanne Barr still feels the sting of being ostracized.

Recalling the incident, she describes it as a “witch-burning” and expresses the terror she endured.

In 2018, a tweet comparing Valerie Jarrett to “Planet of the Apes” resulted in her firing, character demise, and the rebranding of the show as “The Conners.”

Roseanne claims ABC denied her the chance to apologize and believes they resented her talent and opinions. She contrasts her treatment with comedians Dave Chappelle and Louis C.K., asserting that the harsh consequences weren’t applied uniformly in Hollywood.

Despite feeling abandoned by former costars, Roseanne claims forgiveness and sees her removal as potentially saving her. Her return to TV with a Fox Nation comedy special on Feb. 13 is marked by a preview where she humorously asks if anyone else has been fired recently.

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