Meghan Markle once “couldn’t imagine life” without 1st husband who “worshipped the ground she walked on”

Meghan Markle has been happily married to Prince Harry for six years now.



It’s fair to say that the couple have embarked on an extraordinary journey, having two children, leaving the Royal Family entirely, and moving to the US.

Of course, her union to Harry isn’t the first time Meghan Markle has been married – she actually tied the knot back in 2011 with Trevor Engelson.


Meghan and Trevor divorced just two years later, and she went on to become a big television star through her role in the series Suits. Trevor, meanwhile, continued his journey in the entertainment business.

What really caused the divorce between Meghan and Trevor is still quite the mystery. However, a royal expert has now suggested that Meghan divorced him “out of the blue” – and that there was a particular reason for her doing so.


Meghan Markle was born on August 4, 1981, in Los Angeles, California.

At a young age, she was welcomed into the world of show business thanks to her father, Thomas Markle, an Emmy award-winning lighting director. On many occasions, Meghan got to join her father on set.

Meghan Markle – early life

She attended the all-girls Immaculate Heart High School in Los Angeles, which was a big contrast compared to being on set.

“Every day after school for 10 years, I was on the set of Married, with Children, which is a really funny and perverse place for a little girl in a Catholic school uniform to grow up,” she told Esquire.

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