Breaking News Candace Owens Flatly rejected ABC’s Offer to join The View

Why did Musk fire the managersMusk’s explanation for firing those employees was that they were drawing very high-end salaries.



The ones who replaced them were drawing less salaries. The newly promoted employees were promoted without a change in their salary structure.



To add further context: Whoopi Goldberg has not announced she is leaving “The View” anytime soon. If she had, reliable sources that cover entertainment news would have already reported on it, but that had not happened.

This is not the first SpaceXMania story mentioning Goldberg and Owens, either. On Nov. 22, 2023, the site posted an article initially making the claim that ABC was considering replacing Goldberg with Owens, which went viral on Facebook with over 185,000 likes. The next day, a follow-up article claimed ABC had offered Owens $10 million to replace Goldberg. Another day, another article, this time claiming that Owens had been offered the spot but turned it down. After three articles in a row, it was a breather (one week) before the follow-up: the claim that Owens had officially replaced Goldberg.

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