Royal expert reveals Kate Middleton’s jeans secret – confirms what we all suspected

Kate Middleton has been among the most popular royal family members for many years. The Princess of Wales has not only proven herself to be a royal family member of change, becoming increasingly more “one of the people,” but also, her down-to-earth sense of style has earned her legions of fans worldwide.

Kate has been a trendsetter throughout her entire time within the royal family, and it has even been given a name, “the Kate effect.” Meanwhile, even though she has been setting trends, the princess has also gone her own way, not falling for what is hot right now.

Not only has Kate Middleton turned out to have an exquisite style, but the public always seems to want to emulate her fashionable wardrobe, which has sometimes sparked a frenzy.

Kate Middleton & fashion – the “Kate effect”
Over the last decade, it has even been known as the “Kate effect,” a term that describes the wide-reaching fascination with her outfits. As a result, this effect has had the power to significantly boost the sales of high-end fashion brands and change the lives of many smaller fashion businesses.

The “Kate effect” began in 2010 after she and Prince William announced their engagement. The then-duchess wore a sapphire blue dress from the brand Issa. As reported by Vanity Fair, within 24 hours, the dress had sold out online.

“Would any dress have had the same effect? No,” Bethan Holt, fashion news and features director at The Telegraph, wrote in her book, The Duchess of Cambridge: A Decade of Modern Royal Style. “There was something about the Issa. It made Kate look glamorous yet respectful; she wasn’t trying to seem more mature than she was, but nor did the dress depict her as a slave to fashion.”

Since then, Kate has been keen to promote designers such as Alexander McQueen and Jenny Packham and more affordable brands like Zara and LK Bennett through her taste and interest. According to Newsweek and as reported by the Express, the “Kate effect” could “be worth £ 1 billion to the UK fashion industry.”

When Kate Middleton wore the blue Issa dress at her and William’s engagement announcement, as mentioned, it became a frenzy online. Everyone wanted the dress that instantly sold out, and the brand became hugely popular.

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