“Barbara Streisand and Whoopi may leave America soon

Put simply, so flawless was her skin, so cute her features, that she looked like a doll. Her parents knew that their daughter stood out from the crowd, too, so they took her to a modeling agency very early on.Before long, photos of Aira had gone viral online, and though people agreed that she was a true beauty, there were those who convinced themselves that the girls’ parents had edited the images, thereby filtering their baby’s appearance.

Renowned actor and singer Barbra Streisand reaffirmed her stance on leaving the United States if Donald Trump secures the presidency again. In a recent interview on “The Late Show” with Stephen Colbert, the outspoken Democrat, who actively campaigned for Hillary Clinton in 2016, expressed her aversion to residing in the country under Trump’s leadership.

Colbert probed Streisand on her potential destination if she were to leave, to which she nonchalantly replied, “Probably England, I like England.” This declaration echoes a similar sentiment she expressed before the 2016 election when she asserted she would consider relocating to Canada or another country if Trump emerged victorious.

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