Prince William “beside himself” as Kate Middleton reportedly considering sad decision with huge consequences

RadarOnline has revealed in a shocking new piece that Kate Middleton may be thinking of leaving her royal responsibilities entirely.

The National Enquirer is purportedly informed by a Palace insider that the Princess of Wales has not yet made a firm choice, but that the demands of living as a princess have taken a significant toll on her.

Because of this, Kate keeps delaying her return to royal life. She had a “planned abdominal procedure” back in January, which caused her to retreat from the public eye.

Since Kate has been recovering from surgery for a long time—the Palace stated early on that she wouldn’t be returning until Easter—there has been much conjecture that Kate’s health must be serious.

This, together with the Royal Family’s normal lack of information sharing, has created a whirlwind of rumors that the Palace has been frantically attempting to contain.

This weekend, several news outlets removed the first official portrait of Kate Middleton, which was supposed to be used to commemorate Mother’s Day in the UK, citing allegations that the image had been “manipulated.” This did little to further their cause.

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