The TRUTH behind Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s ‘spats’: Couple ‘butt heads’ because he struggles with being photographed and wants more privacy

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez’s seemingly tense exchanges are a result of the pair ‘butting heads’ over being photographed in public, with insiders claiming the Batman actor would prefer more privacy – but knows his wife ‘loves’ being snapped.

Affleck, 51, who has long had a fraught relationship with paparazzi, is often snapped looking downcast while gesticulating wildly at the singer, 54.

Lopez insisted that her husband is ‘happy’ when questioned about their apparent heated exchanges at the Golden Globes on Sunday night, where she was also awkwardly asked how she knows this is her ‘last’ marriage.

But a source appeared to clear up the misconception for good, and told exclusively: ‘Ben and Jen are doing very well… A lot of the times we see Ben upset, it’s because he just hates the paps always following him and Jen.

‘It is just one part of his day that he dreads, and often times it seeps into his everyday life and it ends up looking like he is upset with the people he is with or his surroundings, when it is actually just some photographers that are just jerks.’

The insider continued: ‘Ben doesn’t like red-carpet photos or being snapped by photographers when they are out doing regular life. He knows Jen loves it, so it does put them at odds at times, but they eventually fall back to a place with each other to be happy.

‘Navigating the life they live as a celebrity couple can be trying sometimes because Ben just wants to go to a restaurant or get coffee and be done with it and just have more privacy – but Jen is all about it.

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