Jennifer Lopez ‘can’t protect’ blended brood of five ‘techie kids’ with Ben Affleck from online gossip: ‘They’re on their phone constantly’

When Jennifer Lopez wed fourth husband Ben Affleck in 2022 their family got a whole lot bigger thanks to her two children and his three children from prior marriages.

‘The five of them have had a difficult kind of… I wouldn’t say difficult, but kind of this surrealistic kind of upbringing where they’ve been watched from the time they were very small,’ the 54-year-old pop star explained to Apple Music Radio on Wednesday.

‘And so them becoming who they are in the public eye could be very, very hard for them. And I am sure it is at times even more than they share with us, but they handle it very beautifully.’

Host Zane Lowe replied: ‘And you can’t protect them from [online gossip], right?’

‘We can’t because they’re techie kids. Like every other kid, they’re on their phone constantly. They search everything. The minute you say any new word to them, they look at any new name, any new anything,’ Jennifer said.

Any new information they want to know what it is, and they know they can. And so they’re much more informed and it’s totally into the meme culture and think it’s hysterical. And now that they’re a little bit older, we try not to make it such a big thing in our house because their lives are so much more than the fact that we are their parents in that way, that we’re famous.’

Lopez continued: ‘And so we do it in ways that kind of just go by like, “You know that’s ridiculous?” They’re like, “No, we know. We know.” And they’re all so incredibly smart and heartful and brilliant in their own ways.’

On February 22, the two-time Grammy nominee will celebrate the sweet 16 birthdays of her fraternal twins – Emme Muñiz and Max Muñiz – from her seven-year marriage to Marc Anthony, which ended in 2014.

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