Jennifer Lopez didn’t wear the wedding dress from Jersey Girl when she married Ben Affleck in Vegas: ‘I just had a dress, it’s not from a movie’

Jennifer Lopez didn’t wear a movie dress for her wedding to Ben Affleck.

The 54-year-old singer and actress tied the knot with her longtime love in Las Vegas in July 2022.

This came before she hosted a second ceremony in Georgia the following month.

And fans have long speculated Jennifer wore a dress from her 2004 film Jersey Girl when she exchanged vows with Ben in Sin City.

The clues were found when she wrote in a fan newsletter that she walked down the aisle in a ‘dress from an old movie.’

However, Jennifer has now explained the dress was not from an old movie.

She said she had a house full of wedding dresses because of her film projects, but the gown she chose was never featured onscreen.

She told Variety: ‘No, that’s not true [about the ‘Jersey Girl’ dress]. I wish it was. I wish I did have that dress. I don’t have that dress. No, this was a different dress that I had.’

She added: ‘Believe it or not, I was doing so much press for Marry Me or Shotgun Wedding or one of those, so I had all these wedding dresses in my house.

‘And when we at the square of the moment decided to get married that day, I just had a dress. It’s not from a movie. I never wore it in a movie.’

Jennifer previously opened up about the wedding in her On The JLo newsletter, writing: ‘So with the best witnesses you could ever imagine, a dress from an old movie and a jacket from Ben’s closet, we read our own vows in the little chapel and gave one another the rings we’ll wear for the rest of our lives.

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