How Jennifer Lopez finally got it right! Critics hail The Greatest Love Story Never Told as a triumph as they say the ‘raw’ and ‘compelling’ documentary ‘delivers’ where its counterparts failed

Jennifer Lopez’s The Greatest Love Story Never Told has received early rave reviews as critics praise the ‘raw and vulnerable’ offering.

The Prime Video doc is the third installment of her $20M media homage to her husband Ben Affleck, which includes the semi-autobiographical film, This Is Me… Now: A Love Story, chornicallingher highly scrutinised love life.

The companion piece was panned for its ‘truly chaotic’ plot, while others slammed the star for spending so much on the self-funded ‘vanity project’.

However, the response so far to the third part of the project has been surprisingly positive in comparison, as critics branded the doc ‘compelling’, and say it ‘delivers precisely the revelatory perspective that its counterparts lack.’.

Those around J-Lo encouraged her to ditch the project, as many of her celebrity pals declined to be involved in her film and even her husband Ben tried to sway her.

While JLo is hellbent on declaring her love for Ben, she admits her husband is ‘uncomfortable’ being her muse, while the actor, 51, openly confesses he finds their moments together ‘sacred and special because it’s private’.

But, it looks like Ben and the others will be left eating their words following the release of the third and final part of the album-cycle media offensive.

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